The following is additional information about the rules that the Tri-Cities Joint Job Development Authority (TCJJDA) administers with the assistance of the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and the Grant County Sheriff‘s department.

It does not include all rules and regulations. For any additional questions about rules and regulations permittees are encouraged to contact the office at 701-584-2201 or by email by CLICKING HERE.

Permittees must pay for their guests who occupy their leased lot at the rate of $14 per night not to exceed 14 nights out of 30 consecutive nights per federal regulation.

You must call the office to pay for it or use one of the many kiosks located around the lake and pay with either cash or a check and deposit the envelope in the kiosk locked box. Payment by credit card can only be used by phone or in person at the office.

Your guest(s) camper(s) or RV or adults sleeping in a tent must not infringe upon another permittee's lot or on the Bureau of Reclamation roads.

Use of four wheelers, golf carts and other off road vehicles is restricted to existing roads. They may not be driven off road on any part of the Bureau of Reclamation property. They must be licensed, insured and driven by a licensed driver.

These units may be driven on the permittees own lot but not the lot of other permittees except with their permission. Other state and county laws apply.

Dogs and other animals owned by the permittee or their guests shall be controlled in a way that causes no nuisance, fear or danger to others. Dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your pets. Permittees should not feed feral or wild animals, including dogs, cats, raccoons and deer.

Because Lake Tschida is a popular dumping area for unwanted pets permittees are encouraged to contact the office if they notice strangers dumping animals or find an animal (that is obviously a pet) left in their area.

The shoreline is public area and permittees may not restrict access to any part of the shoreline. Permittees are not required to share the use of their docks. There are no private designated water craft launch areas in the permittee area.

Permittees that use the shoreline to launch watercraft (within their lots) are reminded to take care with shoreline disturbances and not cause any damage to the shoreline.

Permittee area work being performed for repair or maintenance (with no changes to original design) does not require a project application. Project applications are required for any building, digging or modification of the permittee lot. Because of the Bureau of Reclamation’s guidelines, rules and restrictions TCJJDA is required to collect detailed project applications.

Dirt disturbance, square footage, and building materials used are always required information prior to a project being done. Any septic or well drilling projects must have prior approval from Custer Health. It is the permittee responsibility to acquire the proper permit from Custer Health and provide it with the project application.

Permittees must include an approved, signed, building permit for septic work from Custer Health with their project application. Failure to do so will result in the project application being denied. In most cases the more information that a permittee includes on a project application the faster the project application can be approved. As stated in the permittee contract project applications to TCJJDA can take up to 60 days for approval.

Offsite paid $30 per year parking sites may be used for seasonal long term boat trailer parking or vehicle parking but not for campers or vehicles with a sleeping unit.

Please make sure your guests are not blocking roads going into the permittee areas.

Quiet hours for all Lake Tschida areas is from 11PM to 6AM (Mountain Time). This includes permittee areas. Permittees are responsible for their guest's actions and maybe subject to fines both from TCJJDA and the Grant County Sheriff’s department. Discharging a firearm on a Trailer/RV Site, a road adjacent to one or on the shoreline adjacent to a site is prohibited.

By order of the Bureau of Reclamation fireworks are no longer allowed on any of the federal property at the Heart Butte Reservoir also known as Lake Tschida. This includes all public campsite areas, public beaches, playgrounds, watercraft launching areas, the lake itself and all those areas where owners (leased permittees) of private cabins and trailers reside. The quiet time rule applies. The first failure to comply with the quiet hour rules will result in a fine of $500. Additional violations will result in additional fines and/or termination of permit.

Failure to fully pay all fees and/or fines assessed under one or more subparagraphs within 20 days of notice is grounds for a termination of the permit without a pre-deprivation hearing.

The Bureau of Reclamation is very specific on the requirements for TCJJDA to complete a transfer of the permit. Failure to follow transfer guidelines will result in a delay in the transfer/sale paperwork from the office. Please contact the office for the complete transfer procedure.


  1. Trimming Along Lot Boundaries (To Prevent Conflicts With Neighbors)
  2. Trimming Outside Of Lot Boundaries (To Prevent Conflicts With Reclamation)
  3. Topping Of Trees
  4. Removal Of Live Trees
  5. Planting Of Trees

Tree branches may be deposited in the pit behind the Heart Butte Shop. They must not be placed in the compost site. Additional landscaping such as dirt work, building fire rings and decorated rock trim around buildings and other projects that would require movement of dirt or the use of other materials need a project application. Tree trimming or pruning is the removal or reduction of certain parts of the tree that are not required for healthy tree growth.

The common reasons for pruning are: aesthetics, to train the tree, care for and maintain tree health, improve the quality of flowers and fruit, foliage or stems and restrict the growth for landscape effect. Care must be exercised not to over-trim causing harm to the tree. Tree trimming within this definition does not require a project application. Removal of dead trees does not require a project application.


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